Oct, 2016

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With September came the bustle of back-to-school activities, and this year we kicked off the month with an energetic Save Our School lawn sign campaign! Community members have been displaying these blue-and-white signs on their yards and windows to send the message that we care about Bruce, Carleton, and Gladstone schools.

To date, we’ve knocked on thousands of doors in our neighbourhood to gather petition signatures. And I’ve been inspired by the passion and dedication of the many volunteers who give their time in support of these schools that are so vital to our community.

On Monday, September 12, we boarded a yellow school bus to deliver our first batch of 11,600 petitions to the Vancouver Board of Education. Dozens of parents from Bruce, Carleton, and Gladstone attended and together we emphasized the need for our three excellent and viable public schoos.

The Vancouver Board of Education has made a decision and public consultations will take place from October to November. Stay tuned for dates and locations of these meetings. We’ll need your voice to make our community heard, on behalf of the many families that will be affected by the closures.

The task of saving our schools cannot simply be done alone. If you’re ready to take the next step to volunteer and help keep our schools open, please contact my office at 604-660-0314 or Adrian.Dix.MLA@leg.bc.ca. There’s more than one way to contribute as a volunteer and we’d love to have you join our team.

Three ways to help Save Our Schools:

  1. Sign-up for a “Save our Schools” lawn sign
  2. Download and sign the Support Our Schools petition from our website: adriandixmla.ca
  3. Join our team of volunteers!

Sept, 2016

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This summer, parents and students in our Vancouver-Kingsway have been working hard to save Gladstone Secondary and Bruce and Carleton Elementary schools from closure.

Our public schools are excellent, viable, and dynamic places that are an integral part of the neighbourhood. Last year, Carleton and Bruce schools were home to more than 500 students and Gladstone is home to more than 1,000 students. Development in the city will also bring about new density that will dramatically increase our area population, the number of school-age children, and our need for the essential public services that schools provide.

Here are the ways that you can help:

  1. Accept a “Save our Schools” lawn sign
  2. Download and sign the Support Our Schools petition from our website: adriandixmla.ca
  3. Join our team of canvassing volunteers!

Get involved by contacting us at 604-660-0314 or email Adrian.dix.mla@leg.bc.ca.

The response from the community has been incredible. Here’s what we’ve already accomplished over the summer!

  • Over 7,000 signed paper petitions; and thousands of online petitions
  • A flash mob at the Vancouver Public Library, choreographed by two Gladstone students and performed live in front of TV cameras!
  • More than 100 local businesses have joined the campaign. Please let them know how much you appreciate their support!
  • A cool Gladstone Robotics Program Exhibition at the Central Library and inspiring Arts Program Showcase at the VSB offices.
  • A back-to-school movie night for Carleton and Bruce
  • A booth at Greek Summerfest and Farmer’s Markets, in addition to attending rallies and public meetings
  • A ton of media coverage! Save our Schools has been featured on the Globe and Mail, Georgia Straight, City TV, Global, CBC and Radio Canada, CTV, MingPao and Fairchild

As the new school year starts this September, think about all the ways that your school was important to you, then join us in our Save our Schools campaign!


Aug, 2016

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Saving Carleton, Gladstone, and Bruce – Get Involved!

On June 20th, the Vancouver School Board announced a list of schools to be considered for possible closure. This list includes Sir Guy Carleton and Graham Bruce Elementary Schools in Joyce-Collingwood and is a direct result of pressure from the BC Liberal government.

We are going to fight to save Graham Bruce and Carleton as we did in 2010. In addition, I will be working all out to support Gladstone Secondary in the Cedar Cottage area which is also on the list of possible closures.

The possible closure of Bruce and Carleton schools is a blow to our community. These are both excellent, viable, dynamic public schools that are part of the area and Vancouver’s history. It is impossible to imagine our neighbourhood without them. Last year, they were home to more than 500 public school students. Indeed, Carleton has been the centre of public education in the area since 1896 more than three decades before South Vancouver joined the City of Vancouver.

On June 28th, Vancouver City Council approved the Joyce-Collingwood Station Precinct Plan which proposes an increase of 2600 homes in the immediate area of the Skytrain station. The plan includes zoning for several towers, mid-rise apartments, 4-6 story apartment buildings, townhouses and duplexes. In addition, the Wall Centre Central Park is currently under construction on Boundary Road and Vanness adding 1014 homes to local community and many new school-age children.

This school announcement took place as thousands of new homes were approved in our community by City Council and is simply wrong. The new homes will dramatically increase our area population and the number of school-age children. Closing our local schools makes no sense as a result.

No community has been as open and welcoming to new Canadians and density as Joyce-Collingwood. That is why the proposed closure of Carleton and Graham Bruce is so unacceptable. Schools are our key public services and public spaces. They are needed now and will be needed for generations to come.

Our office has been busy attending meetings with students, alumni and parents from across Joyce-Collingwood who are rallying to protect their schools. Get involved!

Volunteer to support our schools by contacting us at 604-660-0314 or Adrian.dix.mla@leg.bc.ca. Visit our office for Support Our Schools petition to distribute, or simply print it online at www.adriandixmla.ca/schools.

July, 2016

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Join me to celebrate Canada Day – Friday, July 1st

Come out to Renfrew Park Community Centre on July 1st to celebrate Canada Day! The Youth Celebrate Canada Day Festival is organized each year by a terrific group of Windermere high school students; this year’s edition promises to be as good as ever, if not better.

Gladstone & Windermere Graduates and Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to the Class of 2016! This is an exciting time for all of you and your families and I wish you all the very best in your future endeavors. I am proud each year to sponsor scholarships for Gladstone and Windermere Secondary. A full list of winners will be announced soon.

BC Teachers Institute

The Legislative Assembly of BC offers BC teachers a professional development program at the Parliament Buildings in our provincial capital. The deadline to apply is June 30, 2016. Visit www.leg.bc.ca and search BCTI to apply online for the October 18-22, 2016 session.

This course includes a meeting with the Speaker of the House, MLAs, senior public officials, and a behind-the-scenes tour of your Parliamentary Buildings.

Vancouver Greek Summer Festival

This 10 day festival runs from July 7 – July 17th, 2016 and has attracted thousands of Greek culture enthusiasts since its inception 1987. With a strong emphasis on Greek dance and food, this festival is always a sure hit! For more information, go to www.vancouvergreeksummerfest.com

Join Adrian as he participates in the opening ceremonies on July 10th!

Location: 4641 Boundary Road, Vancouver

Place/time: Opening Ceremonies begin at 5:30pm on Sunday July 10th

Fiji Festival

On Saturday July 23, 2016, join me and thousands of people in celebrating the 15th annual Fiji Festival. The free admission event encourages communities to come together and celebrate traditional Polynesian, Melanesian and Hawaiian dancing, folk songs and a Fijian fashion show.

Location: Swanguard Stadium, Burnaby

Place/time: Saturday July 23, 10am-7pm; with introductions of local representatives at 1pm

June, 2016

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A great send off to Eileen Zheng!

A big thanks to everyone who came out May 17th to send off Eileen Zheng on her way across Canada. Eileen is a remarkable young Vancouver-Kingsway constituent who is raising funds and awareness for the Canadian Transplant Association by biking across the country.

Eight years ago Eileen’s mother was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease, but declined to take Eileen’s kidney out of fear for the changes it may bring to Eileen’s life. Eileen was a student at Windermere Secondary at the time. Today, a mere year after their successful transplant surgeries, Eileen and her mother are stepping out to share their life-changing story of recovery. There are more than 4,500 people are on the wait list for organ transplants in Canada. Despite the rising need, there are not enough Canadians have made plans to donate.

Eileen’s incredible journey began in Victoria on May 16th and will end in St. John’s, Newfoundland!

If you would like to donate to her important cause, please visit www.giftfromwithin.ca

Philippine Independence Day

Taas Noo Kahit Kanino, Ang Pilipino Ay Ako! I would like to congratulate Filipino Canadians in my community on the Anniversary of the National Declaration of Philippine. There will be a local celebration at:

South Memorial Park (5955 Ross St, Vancouver)

Saturday, June 4th, from 10am – 5pm.

Enjoy some of the Philippine’s finest cuisine and great entertainment right in your backyard. I look forward to seeing you there!

Congratulations to High School Graduates

My congratulations go out to all graduating students from Gladstone and Windermere high schools. This is an exciting time for all of you and your families and I wish you all the very best in your future endeavors. I am proud each year to sponsor scholarships for graduating students at each school and look forward to attending this year’s graduation ceremonies.

Walk to Cure Diabetes, at Stanley Park

On June 12, 2016 morning, join me for this annual fundraiser in support of research focused on curing, and better treatment and prevention on T1 Diabetes. The walk is 5 km and starts at Lumbermen’s Arch in Stanley Park. I hope to see many other Vancouver-Kingsway constituents walking alongside me! To register for the walk, go to www.jdrf.ca.